Sunday, August 4, 2013

Paper Sculpture Rose

 When I create a paper sculpture out of handmade, hand painted papers, I create a pattern first from an original drawing; make pattern pieces just as in applique' in sewing; paint the pieces and reassemble as shown below.

Below is my original drawing for the handmade paper rose.When assembling the rose, I lay the petals down on this drawing to use as a guide, starting with the petals around the outside and working my way around the flower to the center. (Petal patterns below this illustration)
Using tracing paper over the original drawing, I draw each petal shape separately, adding about 1/4" to each petal where another petal overlaps.

I photocopy or print this on a clear transparency, and then cut out the shapes to trace around. The dotted lines idicate where petals overlap as they are assembled bit are not copied onto the actual paper petals. These petals can be cut from watercolor paper instead of handmade paper.

I place the petals on a piece of matboard or cardboard wrapped with freezer paper or parchment paper and use watercolor paints to create the color. Hint: If you add clear water to the centers of each petal shape, it will PUSH the watercolor toward the edges and some of it will gather along the edge of the paper petals, creating a wonderly edge.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love creating my own patterns to create a more dimensional look for different elements in my paintings. Wendy


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