Saturday, June 22, 2013

Art Journal Page - Sketching on text pages

This technique is not new - but I really like how it looks on this page. Almost any image will work: you leave some parts where text shows and paint over the rest. Easy Peasy! :-)
I created the bird first on a sheet of text larger than my journal page (from an old encyclopedia) so that I could tilt the text to match the flight of the bird.  I drew the bird (I think it is a tern) on the page (pencil, then black marker) and painted in head top, beak and feet. (I put gesso over the page first). Then I painted around the image with a mixture of green and blues and yellows. I trimmed it to fit my journal page size and  then I sewed it into my journal (you can see the sewing on the left edge.) When I am not sure how something will work out, I sometimes work outside the journal and trim it to fit, as I did in this case. 

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