Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DON'T FORGET RUBBER STAMPS for having fun with leftovers...

I have hardly any habits...I am NOT a habit person. That said, one of the few habits I have is this: I go out to my studio every single day. No matter what. Sometimes I just sort things. Or sit and do nothing. But a favorite activity when I am low on energy and/or time, is to get out one or two of those "cute, but I never use them" rubber stamps and some leftover papers. 

By far my favorite technique is to flip a used postage stamp over, draw a border, and play! 

SEE? :-)

Here I used a block of four stamps; Heart and Cherub Stamp are by

I typed out the text and printed it on my computer; the background is handmade paper. This stamp is by AAA Rubber Stamps 

Other times, playing with unusual papers and backgrounds is what makes me happy.

Here I used vintage ledger paper, a found diagram and some press on type; the Music Score and the Jump Roping Cats are by

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