Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Butterfly Altered Book - some HOW TO photos

Below are the steps I used, folding pages, to create the Butterfly Book.  (shown right -  see the post following this one for detailed pictures of the finished book.)

STEP 1: Hardcover fiction books (found at thrift stores)can run between 400 and 700 pages and they are ideal for this kind of project. This one had 751 pages.

STEP 2: Fold one page in half, toward the spine. 

STEP 3: This is how the page looks when folded (once).

STEP 4: Create additional "thickness" between full pages by folding the page (shown above) in half again, toward the spine.

STEP 5: This is how the folded page looks when folded (twice).

STEP 6: I alternated these two folds (half page and quarter page) in between the full pages to spread the book into a 360 degree circle.

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