Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIGITAL ALTERED BOOK: Poking fun at Fashion Trends

This is a Digital Altered Book I created from a small vintage booklet, giving it a "Butterfly" twist to poke fun at FASHION trends.The original book pages were scanned in, and then I used Corel PaintShop Pro (equivalent of PhotoShop or Gimp) to add my own images. This was SO much fun, and I think any book could be scanned in and altered in this way - or printed out and altered with collage techniques. (Large detail photos follow the pages below.)

    Back Cover                                   Front Cover


    Page 1                                            Page 2


  Page 3                                              Page 4


   Page 5                                              Page 6


    Page 7                                               Page 8


DETAIL: Back Cover (left), Front Cover (right)  On the back cover I added a vintage image from my scanned in postcard collection, and the a small golden butterfly. On the front cover I added butterfly wings, altered text and added the same small golden butterfly.



DETAIL Page 1 & 2 I added a scan of a vintage black and white illustration of a "fashionable lady" which I had hand-colored with chalks (and added a small net veil for detail) and altered text on page 1. On page 2, I added butterfly wings and the small envelope, pin and locket.


 DETAIL: Page 3 & 4  I placed butterflies underneath the music manuscript on page 3 and added wings to the figure on page 4 and altered some text



DETAIL: Page 5 & 6  I added a butterfly under the beauty mask and changed some text on Page 5, and added butterfly wings to all the children on page 6.


DETAIL: Pages 7 & 8   I used vintage postcards I found on the web for the tiny illustrations top and bottom of page 7 and replaced some text. Page 8 I substituted a vintage image from my collection of old Pears Soap adds.

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