Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Handmade Paper Cast on a 3-Dimensional Object

I made this a number of years ago, casting paper on a dingy and damaged plastic wall plaque from a thrift store (about 20" x 40"). I frequently find "cast off" pieces, which, when used for casting handmade paper, transform the objects grungy, worn, and sometimes tacky presence (dingy plastic lace place mats, plastic Christmas ornaments with colors worn off, etc.) into something sublime. :-)  More examples shown below this picture.

Paper was cast on a rough board in which the leaf and acorn design had been carved (thrift store find.)
Paper was cast on a plastic fairy Christmas ornament with a piece of lace under here.

This paper was cast on a cheap metal snowflake ornament that had been bent and straightened.


 The wonderful arabesque design was cast on the back of a plastic tray painted gray which had this pattern pressed into the plastic.

Paper was cast on a cracked plastic wall plaque and then the flowers were painted. about 12" x 20".

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