Thursday, June 27, 2013


The very best Pizza in our town is Red Genie Pizza, and the Restaurant is in an older building with log beams and a wonderful collection EVERYWHER of old vintage items and signs and, my favorite, hand crank telephones. So I started saving bits and pieces of vintage materials over the last year that had to do with old telephones so that I could create a collage for them. I gave it to them this week and they loved it. You can't put a price of good Pizza LOL.  

The phone rubber stamp is from 100 Proof Press; the dictionary page is from a 1927 old dictionary, there are 2 vintage safety matches covers as well as stamps from Romania and India and pictures of old phones (do they look like faces to you too? :-) ) The picture of the telephone operator is from an old faded newspaper article from the 1930s which I hand tinted with watercolors to highlight the figure. I always have a few "theme" collages going just for the fun it, and usually the intended owner "finds" me.

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