Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"A Young Mother Earth As A Designer"

I save all kinds of flowers and leaves and "earth ephemera" :-) to use in my collages. This is a recently completed collage (since sold) using a "found" vintage photo; the dried petals of a Stargazer Lily, along with other dried leaves; dried baby rosebuds from my garden; beautiful dried leaves as her "cape" and a real butterfly (rescued from the thrift store) for her "cape" closure.
     The background is built up of layers of handmade paper, antique net curtains, a 1908 bit of a ledger sheet directly behind her, and peeking through from underneath bits of text from a handwritten fairytale a mother in the 1930s made for her young daughter.
     This collage was inspired by my imagining Mother Earth as the "first" clothing and apparel designer (for butterflies, trees, and all of nature!!!). Makes me smile!

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