Tuesday, July 23, 2013


To create this shadowbox I took an ordinary frame (the gold one you see) and built an open box (4 sides and a bottom) which was attached to the back of the frame, creating a shadowbox.

The inside of the box was covered with matboard and colored with pastels. The back of the box is a collage created with my handmade papers which have been hand painted and embellished. The rose is a black and white clip art image from the DOVER clip art collection, which I enlarged and painted.

The hummingbirds and the small book are all three-dimensional. The top hummingbird is hanging by a string, and the bottom two hummingbirds are on a small piece of wood. They are handcarved and painted, artist unknown, and I originally found them in a small gift shop.

The front is open so you can reach in and take out the little book or touch the hummingbirds. It was donated to the annual Garden By The Sea Community Garden auction and it is now in the collection of Keitha Owen. larger Detail image below this small image.

Detail View

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